Smartview Building

Our Process

Building your own custom home takes a lot of planning, can be stressful and means a lot of decisions. We understand that this is a process a lot of our clients haven’t been through before so the below is a guide to help you get started, along with some of our most asked questions. Our communication with our clients is important to us so please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

STEP 01.


Give us a call or email us and we can discuss what is involved in your project. Depending on where your project is at will determine what the next steps are you need to take. We can recommend an architect for you to engage, or if your plans are ready you can move on to the next step.

STEP 02.

Council discussions

Once you are happy with your plan, it’s time for you (or your architect) to have a preliminary or pre DA meeting with your local council. This meeting will help you work out what information they are going to need when it comes to submitting a Development Application. Some of these things might include; soil tests, bushfire report, Basix Certificate, NatHERS certificate and a acoustic report. Being on the front foot and polite with your local council is always recommended.

STEP 03.

Preliminary Pricing

Further discussion about your project will take place with Smartview Building regarding your plans and additional documentation so preliminary pricing can be put together. It is important to do this before plans are finalised for submission to council. We will happily provide a desktop review of your plans at this point to ensure the scope of your project is within your budget.

STEP 04.

Approval Process

Finalise and submit your plans to council (known as a DA). Each project is unique and the fees, charges and forms vary between projects and council areas. If you use an architect or designer recommended by Smartview Building they will confidently guide you through this process and deal with council on your behalf.

STEP 05.


While your DA is in council…engage an engineer as most projects require engineering drawings for things like footings and slab designs, structural steel, floor systems, frames and trusses etc. Smartview Building will need this information before they can offer you a fixed price, keep in mind these plans can take around 4 weeks. We are happy to make recommendations of a good engineer suitable to your project.

STEP 06.

Initial Selections

Start to consider what materials and finishes you would like to use in your home. Collect photos, samples, take screen shots, make a pinterest account, cut out pictures from magazines and brochures. Start to put together a collection of images for each area of your project, for example kitchen, bathroom, stairs, pool area etc. Then, we can recommend a selection of businesses to visit (for example joinery, flooring, tiles, bathrooms fixtures etc) so you can start putting together some selections. The more information you have for a Smartview Building when we are putting your quote together, the more accurate our price can be. Keeping in mind this can all be revisited and tweaked if necessary by our in house designer once contracts are signed.

STEP 07.


Celebrate your DA is approved and appoint a certifier for your project. The certifier will issue the construction certificate to allow works to commence, then inspect the project at set stages. They will also issue the final Occupation Certificate which is required before you occupy your new home. Whilst we are not allowed to appoint your Certifiers, we do have a number of certifiers we recommend based on their professional approach and reputation.

STEP 08.

Contract signoff

It is at this stage where Smartview Building will be able to give you a detailed contract. We pride ourselves on accurately representing the true costs of your proposed project. It is important that you carefully review the inclusions and exclusions to make any changes at this point so your quote is as accurate as possible. We can work with you and offer innovative ideas and cost saving alternatives to ensure your build is on budget while still being the home of your dreams. Once the contract is right you can sign away so the building process can begin.

STEP 09.

Construction Certificate

The certifier will need to be approached to provide a Construction Certificate (CC) prior to commencing works. The certifier will provide a list of items that need to be satisfied prior to the issuing the CC that we can help you navigate through. These may include; HBCF Insurance certificate from the builder, Payment of Long Service Levy, ‘For Construction’ set of drawings and Dilapidation report.

STEP 10.

Selections Design Meeting

Locking in your selections is often the hardest and most stressful part of the process but our designer will be able to collaborate with you to refine your style and ensure you achieve a cohesive style throughout your project. You will sit down with our designer and go through your ideas, the images you have collected and your selections to date. From here you and our designer will start to confirm your selections ensuring you have a cohesive style throughout your project and everything has been covered.

STEP 11.

Construction Process

Let the construction begin! The Smartview Building team will guide you through and set out clear timelines, payment schedules and selection deadlines for the build. There will be open communication and a number of site visits in the early stages of the build to ensure your custom built home is everything you have imagined.

STEP 12.

Confirming selections

Our designer will act as a sound board for you throughout the build, guide you through the selections process and attend selection appointments with you when necessary to ensure you have confidence in every detail. You will have more scheduled meetings onsite to keep you ahead of the game so you can watch your dream home come to life with confidence.

STEP 13.

Construction Completion

Smartview Building will keep the communication open with regular updates of what is happening onsite, and there will be more onsite meetings as needed to get all of those last details and finishing touches over the line.

STEP 14.


You made it! You will be issued with an Occupation Certificate and a final hand over will be carried out. Most importantly we will give you the keys to your quality build custom home for you to enjoy and fall in love with!


We can get involved in your project at any stage, however, it is ideal if you involve Smartview Building in your planning stages, that way we can collaborate with you and your architect to achieve the best result for your lifestyle and budget.

No, using our inhouse designer if just a service we offer that sets us apart from other builders. There are a lot of decisions that come with building your own home and there is a huge amount of choice out there. Our clients have benefited hugely by bouncing ideas around with our designer and having her guide them through the selection process or simply just suggesting where to go for products. Having her onboard helps take some of the stress out of the process and ultimately results in a seamlessly beautiful home with consistent style throughout.

We can do either but have found time and time again that fixed price is the easiest option for both parties. When finance from a bank is involved it is the only option.

We pride ourselves on good, honest and open communication throughout a project. This is done through conversations as needed, regular site meetings, and a weekly site update email.

Changes can always be made and we are here to work with you, that is the beauty of building a custom home. If there are additional charges involved in the changes or extra features that will be explained to you at the time and before making your final decision on the change.

Smartview have a range of suppliers that we know and trust however if your favourite light fitting is not from our supplier it is no problem. It is important to note this as much as possible when finalising your contract.

Yes, we have strong relationships with many companies that we know and trust and once we know your project will happily suggest who would be most suitable.